The Psychology of Window Coverings: How Light and Color Affect Mood

The purpose of Window coverings isn't always for decoration and transformation of your apartment or workspace. Window covering serves so many uses, even to the effect of lighting up and demoralizing our daily mood. Artificial lighting has become a pivotal part of our daily lives, especially in places where advanced forms of interior design are being incorporated. Aside from the convenience and beauty it brings, it also plays a significant role in our well-being. In this article, we will check how they lighten and lower our moods. We will also discuss how you can make the perfect selection.

Various Window Coverings Colors 

Below are various colors, what they represent, and how they change our mood. Let's dive right in:

Energetic Red

The top of our list is the color red. As stated, this color expresses energy, love, romance, and passion. It drives and creates an aura of love whenever it is displayed. With its bright appearance, some might mistake it for something dangerous or tag it as a danger sign. This is a popular misconception that shouldn't be. The color red portrays and lights up the appearance, vibe, and atmosphere of any setting, so it is always a good covering for your home. For festive seasons like Christmas, you can decorate your apartment with this color as a season to express your sense of love for family and close friends.

Sunny Yellow

With its flashy appearance, the color yellow also expresses positivity and happiness. It is a vibrant color you can use for specific locations like your kid's bedroom, kitchen, and dining. A yellow window covering goes beautifully with a blue wall background, so it can also bring a sense of bonding and friendship.

Refreshing Blue and Green

Just like nature, the colors blue and green are known as an indication to create a mood of tranquility, peace, and calm. With this color in your main bedroom, you can surely be in a pleasant mood. These colors can also be used interchangeably or together as a blend if you love the appearance and radiance of their display. Interior designers can use the color blue in closed spaces like lounges where you can relax after a hectic week. If you are a nature lover, there are also green window coverings that display and bring out a calming spirit.

Dynamic Neutrals

Dynamic neutrals encompass a wide variety of colors ranging from grey, cream, and beige. They represent a sense of sophistication and can also be decorated around your offices. Most people opt for these colors because they are suitable for workspaces, and they tend not to portray a flashy appearance like the rest. Neutral blinds and curtains can be styled at conference rooms, culture centers, and even specific walkaways of hotels.

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Window Covering

Below are things you must ensure to check before or after decorating your space; let's dive right in:

Room Size

For a large room, window coverings with the color red seem a bit off due to how flashy they can get. Most professional decorators recommend you go for neutral or less flashy colors.

Lightning Condition

For a location with an enormous amount of light, you can also select colors like pink, yellow, or orange, as they would further portray a beautiful scene when appropriately styled. However, to regulate the light that reflects into a room, you can go for black window coverings.

Overall Appearance

Looking at the already laid-out design of your room can also help you decide what color you can select. You can always ask a friend or neighbor to participate in this process, as they might have a broader view of selection.

Revive Your Interior With Blinds in Style

We at Blinds in Style can ensure you don't go through the rigor of making these choices, as our interior and exterior professionals can make the proper selection and reviews for you. We understand the principles and psychology of various colors, and you can be sure your decorations are in good hands. You can contact our team at Blinds in Style for our interior design, window covering installation, and repairs for blinds, curtains, shutters, awnings, and more by calling 1300-739-999 or filling out an online inquiry form through our website!

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