Child Safe Window Coverings

Parenting comes with a lot of challenges. For new parents, one of those challenges is discovering the number of dangers that exist in homes. Where home was once a safe place, bringing home a child means realizing how many things in the home could become hazardous. One of those hazards is window coverings. Providing children with a safe place to live requires parents to examine the best window coverings available with child safety in mind. 

How are Window Coverings Dangerous?

What are the chances that a child will get caught up in blinds with strings? Although it seems unlikely to an unknowing adult, a real danger comes with pull strings in window coverings. Curious toddlers are typical and require thorough room-proofing before parents can achieve true safety for their children. Many parents believe they can simply tie the cords to something out of reach and create safe blinds for their children. Unfortunately, even this trick is not child-safe. There are safe options that are far better for your little ones. 

What Should You Use Instead of Standard Blinds?

Although corded blinds are standard, there are various options available without cords or stings involved. 

Cellular Shades

The honeycomb shape of cellular shades is unique and beneficial to your home. With cellular shades, you get to control how much light enters the room. Even better, cellular shades offer plenty of privacy and have color and texture options without any cords present. 

Magnetic Blinds

Magnetic blinds are popular for homes with children because of the distinct absence of a cord. While no cord is present, the blinds look incredibly similar to the traditional corded blinds. 

Motorized Shades

Motorized shades may seem expensive and excessive but can be helpful in a home with young children. The additional cost of purchasing motorized shades can eventually be offset by the savings in your energy bill, as some models are advanced enough to automatic changes based on lighting. 

Roller Shades

Roller shades are an excellent choice for a home with young children because of the choices. A wide variety of colors, fabrics, and other textile options are possible in this design. Roller shades can also be technologically advanced and connected to your smartphone for the ultimate control. 

Interior Shutters

Although less common than some other options, interior shutters are an excellent option for children. Made of wood or other materials, interior shutters offer fantastic safety and appearance for your home. 

Get Help with Your Window Coverings

Choosing the best window coverings for your home can be a complex consideration. While the options are plenty, parents may make the perfect choice with a bit of help from Blinds in Style. Blinds in Style is a professional in the world of window coverings that are willing to help you determine the best option for your safe home. Give us a call today at 1300 739 999!

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