Motorisation takes the control of window coverings to another dimension providing convenience at the touch of a button or tap of your smart device. Offering maximum convenience and flexibility to regulate the opening and closing of blinds; curtains and awnings with ease, motorised control options are vast and varied. 

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Personalise your environment with the touch of a button either on-premises or remotely using your smart device via a dedicated App. Onsite controls are available in wall mounted or handheld devices and allow you to manage single or multiple locations and fittings. 


With just a touch of a button open or close one or multiple areas.

Blinds, curtains and awnings can be remotely controlled from any destination with exciting new technology. Options include portable remotes; wall mounted switch or tablet and smart-phone controls

Enhance your home living or commercial premises and public areas. Motorisation provides privacy; shading; UV protection; control of natural light and most importantly helps reduce heating and cooling costs

Motorisation offer a less cluttered frame to windows and most importantly provides a child safe environment (link to child safe page) with potentially dangerous cords eliminated

Do away with ropes and crank rods on external awnings

Choose from battery or solar powered options or connect to the main power source of your home or office. 


  • Automatic control – one, several or all motors controlled according to the weather conditions

  • Allows for maximum UV protection 

  • Manages energy costs and provides savings by helping control effects of heat and cold 

  • Timer control – to open and close at preferred time requirements for maximum comfort

  • Master control allows all motors to be managed from one switch

  • Individual control offers one control unit for individual motors

  • Group control manages several motors from one control unit

  • Multiple control units can be provided for one motor for multiple users 

  • Wired or wireless options available

  • Eliminates dangling cords and provides child and pet safety

  • Security and privacy can be maintained either on site or remotely