Essentials To Consider When Choosing Window Coverings

Follow our simple hints for great looking windows inside and out. Complement and enhance your décor.  Discover our suggestions for styling, managing light, increasing comfort, and privacy. Reduce energy consumption as well as protect your interior spaces.

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Our team, Blinds in Style - Sydney, are design and installation specialists for made to measure blinds; shutters curtains, and awnings. With over 25 years’ experience, we work with homeowners; interior design specialists; renovators; architects, and builders to provide solutions for all window covering needs.

How to Choose the Right Window Covering

Our how-to series covers the basics when considering new window coverings. Windows are where the indoors meets the outdoors. In any interior, windows are natural focal points. How they are treated impacts the character, mood, and style of a room.

What aspects should you factor into your choice? How does the shape and size of your windows affect the type of window coverings for your rooms and internal spaces? Does location matter? What other factors should you consider?

Start with the basics – window coverings 101” The best place to start is with the window space and size itself. Many window shapes are straightforward but some present a challenge or reflect a particular architectural design.

Choosing the right window treatment enhances the overall style and character of the window.

Rectilinear or straight-lined windows are less of a challenge than curved or angled windows. Windows in odd sizes need more consideration and professional advice

Smaller windows look overwhelmed with elaborate treatment, go for simple options. Large windows require more fabric so check your budgets. For larger or higher windows consider motorised systems that open and close the window coverings effortlessly 

"Filter out life’s distractions – lighting and privacy”

Window coverings are not only decorative, but they also address practical issues such as the amount of light entering and privacy. Lined curtains and roller blinds made with block out fabric block light completely. Translucent sheer fabric drapes and light filtering fabrics used on roller or roman blinds, diffuse light. Slatted blinds and shutters create subtle light and shade patterns. In hot climates where light is strong, you may need to block out the sun at peak times. Controlling light diminishes the effect of fading on carpets and furnishings. Combinations of curtains with blinds enhance interior design elements

So you think you have a challenging window position?

Corner windows; high windows, skylights all require specific solutions. Recessed windows, such as dormers along with bay windows that create their own alcoves also need to be thought out. These styles of windows suit roman blinds or curtains with made to measure tracks to follow the recess. Or for more contemporary window coverings choose roller blinds or made to measure shutters. Shutters can also be created to fit round windows and even skylights so don’t be afraid to ask the experts at Blinds in Style for options for those unconventional positions or spaces. 

From delicate sheer curtains made to measure designer blinds or shutters, the decorative potential of window coverings is immense. Whatever your taste, budget, or specific need Blinds in Style offers practical, stylised options for any window in any location. 

We welcome your email, phone call, or visit to our showroom to learn more and experience the wide selection of products available. Blinds in Style offer free measure and quotes. For those who are building or renovating we welcome the opportunity to work with your tradespeople or designers. CONTACT US NOW

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