Ensure Your Windows Are Child & Pet Safe!

Wondering how you can make your windows child and pet safe? We have some very helpful solutions to prevent any accidents. Whether you a a parent of a young child or a parent to an animal it is important to ensure that you window coverings are safe for you home. Unfortunately, when the follow precautions are not taken, your windows can be a dangerous are for pets and children.

Keep Furniture Away From Windows

As a common place to have your furniture to allow natural light absorb your room it can also be a very dangerous one. When your furniture is set up against your windows it allows your children and pets to have easy access to them. We recommend you keep your children's play away from the windows as a toddler running around could easily get tangled in a cord and result in injury. To prevent injury opt to keep your furniture against a solid wall with minimal space behind it. Continue reading for more child and pet safe options.

Go Cordless

Going cordless is one of the safest solutions for window coverings that are child and pet safe. Using a cordless blind can eliminate any chance of your child or pet getting caught in a cord. Without a spring pulley system you can easily adjust your blinds by pushing the lower rail to adjust the height you wish to have. This options is also great as a cordless window covering looks sleek in any style home.

Automated Window Coverings

Another cordless window cover option are automated coverings. These coverings allow you to lift and lower your covering with no effort and through motorization. In addition to this cordless option you are also not giving up style or functionality to ensure a safe environment for your children or pets.

Install Child Safe Devices

If you are not willing to part with your current window coverings, consider investing in the following products to keep your children out of harms way. We offer a variety of parts that can simply and effectively keep cords and chains out of your children's reach. Here is a list of products you may want to invest in:

Contact Blinds in Style

As we can see young children and window cords don’t mix. At Blinds in Style we have your family's safety at the front of our minds offering a variety of child and pet safe window covering products. Contact us at 1300 739 999  to learn more on window covering safety and receive your free measure and quote today!