The Best Things About Motorised Window Coverings – how to make your windows fierce!

Expertise and innovation in window coverings are essential qualities that the team at Blinds in Style pride ourselves upon. With over 25 years’ experience, we work with homeowners; interior designers; renovators; architects, and builders providing innovative solutions for all window coverings and shading needs. 

A major innovation and recent design trend is the introduction of motorisation to many types of window coverings. In this edition of our blog, we answer some of the most popular questions our customers have asked when considering automation across different types of window coverings. What are the benefits of motorisation? Are they easy to install and what equipment and expertise do you need? Do they require a lot of power, are they noisy and how much space will this take up in my home or office? Is motorisation only available for new blinds and curtains? Contact us to help you find the most cost-effective solution for your needs. 

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Can motorised window coverings make your life easier? Why not you deserve it.

There are many benefits of motorised blinds. Blinds in Style can take your window coverings to the next level by adding technology which provides easier and more convenient control over your blinds, curtains, awning, or shutters with a press of a button or from your smartphone. You can even program your Google Home or Alexa to control your blinds by voice activation.

Motorisation is an Ideal option for difficult to reach window or door spaces or to make your home safer for children and pets by eliminating the use of cords, rods, or chains which can get tangled and cause accidents. 

Setting up an automated timer to control how much sunlight gets into your home also helps you protect interiors. If the harsh sunlight is beaming through your windows all day it can cause furniture and carpets to fade and become discolored. Motorised blinds will help you protect your furniture with minimal effort required.

If you have a lot of window space in your home or office, controlling the amount of light throughout the day can be annoying and distracting. By adding motorisation you can easily adjust your blinds; curtains; awnings or shutters from individual room controls; one central location or by setting an automated schedule! You can even adjust your window coverings remotely when you are away from home using a dedicated app.

What you need to know about installing motorised blinds – we help you get it right

We maintain gold status expertise when it comes to motorised solutions for all window coverings. Our team is continually trained on the latest developments which means we can identify the best-automated option for your needs. 

Choose from electric or long-life battery motors within your window covering system and select your preferred control method which includes touchpads; remotes; voice activation or smartphone activation. If your preference is for hard-wired options, we can recommend professional electricians or work with your own professional. Battery operated motors provide up to 12 months of power without recharging if used under normal conditions. 

Manage internal temperatures and energy efficiencies by programming your window coverings to open and close at preferred times of the day. You can even use your smartphone to remotely open or close your blinds while you are away.

Which window coverings can be motorised? You’ll be surprised what is possible.

Whether your preference is for blinds; curtains; shutters or awnings Blinds in Style can help you add motorisation to any window covering. Check out this video on motorised shutters 

Motorised blinds can add security to your home when you are not there. Program your blinds or shutters to open and close throughout the day even if you are hundreds of miles away to give the impression you are home. Curtains which block out harsh morning light can be programmed to gradually open each morning and wake you gently, improving your sleep quality. 

You can also add motorisation to existing window coverings that are not motorised.  

Motors are also discreet and quiet and our expert team will help you set up and program your motorised window coverings upon installation. We are also there for you if you decide you need additional remotes or touch pads or have further questions post-installation.

If you are looking for state of the art window coverings or alternatives for ease of opening and closing, motorisation offers effortless and effective options that add sophistication to your curtains; shutters; blinds, or awnings. Not only will this make your life simpler; provide added security and comfort to your home or office, but your windows will look fierce.

Blinds in Style welcome your email, phone call, or visit to our showroom to learn more and experience motorisation options for yourself. Blinds in Style offers a no-obligation complimentary, consultation, and quote at your premises. For those who are building or renovating we welcome the opportunity to work with your tradespeople or designers to recommend appropriate solutions that suit your individual requirements and budgets. CONTACT US NOW

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