How to Reduce Heat Transfer in Windows

With the weather getting warmer in Australia, it is crucial to be mindful of your home's energy loss, especially through your windows. When it's warm outside you want your home to be toasty warm, and we know that central air  throughout your home can be costly, especially in the summer months. To help keep the cost down, and heat out, follow these tips below to reduce the heat transfer in your home:

4 Tips to Keep the Cool in and Hot Out:

Install Curtains

A cost-efficient and time-saving way to reduce heat transfer are by covering your windows with curtains. The thicker the curtain the more protection from heat loss. The curtains act as a layer between the living space and the chilly outside air. Thick curtains can also be made with thermal linings and are easy to install and find. If you are looking for personalized curtains that make a statement to your interior all while keeping you cool this summer, contact Blinds In Style today! We offer personalized services to homes and businesses all over Australia and our team of experts ensures the best solutions for individual project needs and design preferences. 

Don’t Allow Sunlight to Come Through

Even amidst the warm summer months, the sun still shines and provides a much-needed heat lamp to homes. Avoiding sunlight to come in during the day can keep your home cool and reduce central air costs. Exterior Shades are a great option to keep heat out or in as you desire. It also provides you with a sense of fresh air and a taste of the warm weather to come. To maximize the effectiveness of sunlight, be sure to close your curtains immediately upon sunset, this will trap that toasty sunlight in your home.

Replace Old or Drafty Windows

If there is a spot or room in your home that will not get warm or heat up, there is a possibility you are experiencing drafty windows. If you stand by the window and notice a slight breeze, your windows have drafted. This is a common problem of heat loss in a home. To save in the long run, replace your windows immediately. Keeping your drafty windows will only drive up your heat bill.

Double Glaze Your Windows

If you notice heat intake that is subtle through your windows but not severe enough for a replacement, you may want to consider double-glazing your windows. Double-glazing windows are windows containing two sheets of glass separated by an insulating air gap, this creates additional insulation for your home. 

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