How Exterior Shades Can Help You Be More Energy Efficient

Global warming has become a prevalent issue in our world today. Everyone must play a part in reducing this unwanted situation. As it is often said, be the change you want the world to be. Suppose we do not take proper precautionary measures now. In that case, it will be a deteriorating situation on the planet for the next generation to come. That brings us to the concept of conserving energy through exterior shades.

This article will highlight the exterior shades that help you maximize energy.

4 Exterior Shades And How They Help You To Be More Energy Efficient

Below are the exterior shades that can help conserve energy in your home.

Exterior Shades

In Europe, exterior shades have been in vogue for quite a while. That is due to the diversity of functions it provides. First, it consumes less energy and can also prevent shortwave radiation from affecting you in your apartment. It also brings relative comfort to your house, especially on sunny days. Currently, in the U.K., the heat wave has risen exponentially to a level not experienced before. A proper exterior shade could cater to a room with no air humidifier. 

Solar Screens

With your solar screen, there is a 75% guarantee that sunlight cannot pass through to windows. It usually comes in woven fabric and protects one’s privacy. You can open this exterior shade to allow air to pass through. It provides good scenery from inside the outer world. It comes in handy, especially in summer and winter. It is advisable to consult with seasoned professionals to guide the whole fitting process. Solar screens are pretty cheap compared to Overhangs.

Electric Patio Shades

This can be set up in an outdoor area, especially when you live in an area close to natural sunlight. It also protects your house from heat and cold. With electric shades, your windows get the necessary protection against toxic pollution and smoke from the outside. Electric patios come with additional voice instruction where you can command your windows to adjust to your taste.   


For energy-saving purposes, awnings are the most commonly used exterior shades. It is not just a coincidence. A recent study by the U.S Department of Energy has shown that using awnings can help reduce solar heat gain during summer. At least 68% to 77% of heat is absorbable on windows facing the South and West, respectively. Aside from the energy-saving purpose, awnings are an excellent addition to beautifying your home. It comes in different sizes and materials. You can position your awning to fit a single window or cut across all windows.

Professional Blind Installation in Sydney

With the rise in economic recession worldwide, things are becoming more expensive. That makes it necessary to shift our attention to alternative means to reduce the cost of living. Using exterior shades implies that you get to use less energy, which in turn reduces your utility bills. If you’d like the professionals to install your shades for you, contact us at Blinds in Style! We’re the Australian small business champions! Call today 1300 739 999