Window Covering Specialists in Summer Hill, NSW

At Blinds in Style, we take pride in serving the beautiful suburb of Summer Hill and its surrounding areas in New South Wales. Our dedicated team of window-covering specialists is committed to providing top-notch services to enhance the style and functionality of your windows. Blinds in Style provides high-quality solutions for your home and office spaces, from expert consultations to professional installations; contact us today.

Customised Window Covering Solutions

When it comes to window coverings, we understand that one size does not fit all. That's why we offer customised window covering solutions tailored to fit your specific needs and preferences. From blinds to curtains to shutters to awnings, we can help you find the perfect window covering solution that not only looks great but also provides the necessary privacy, light control, and energy efficiency for your space. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and let us help you transform your windows into beautiful and functional features of your home or office.

Professional Blind Repairs & Parts in Summer Hill

Blinds can be a great addition to any home or office, but they can also get damaged over time. That's where Blinds in Style comes in! Our team of professionals specializes in blind repairs and parts replacement in Summer Hill. Our expert technicians can help you fix any issues with your blinds, whether it's a broken cord, chain, or slat. We understand how important it is to have fully functional blinds, which is why we are equipped with all the necessary tools to get your blinds up and running again in no time. We also have a wide range of spare parts available for purchase on our website, so you can efficiently perform a repair at home if you prefer. Don't hesitate to contact us for all your blind repair needs. We are always happy to help!

Motorised Awning Installations

If you are looking for a stylish and convenient window covering that provides adjustable shade and protection from the sun, then a motorised awning might be the perfect solution for you. At Blinds in Style, we offer three different awning styles, including canopy awnings, drop and traditional awnings, and our most popular choice, the folding arm awning. With the Folding Arm Awning, you can protect yourself from harmful UV rays with customisable coverage from the heavy-duty retractable arms. There are various easy-to-use operating options available, such as crank and gear, remote, push button, or wind and sun sensors. Our team can help you choose the operating system that best suits your needs. Moreover, we also provide motorisation using either battery or electric power, with the option for app control that lets you control your awnings from anywhere.

Contact Blinds in Style Today!

If you're a Summer Hill resident and need help installing window covers, repairing blinds, or installing motorized blinds, Blinds in Style can assist you. Our team of experts can take on any project, no matter the size, and complete it efficiently and promptly. To learn more about our window coverings and services, you can visit our website. Alternatively, you can call us at 1300-739-999 or fill out the contact form below. We're excited to work with you!