Installation & Design for Window Coverings in Balmain, NSW

Blinds in Style have the best blinds, curtains, shutters, and awnings in the Balmain, NSW area! We not only supply the most beautiful window coverings but we install them for you as well! If you’re looking for spare parts to fix your blinds we carry those too. Let us help you design the perfect window décor for your home or business. All of our products are sourced from both Australia and around the world to ensure our customers get only the best of the best products. 


Look no further than Blinds in Style for all your blind and curtain installation needs in Balmain, NSW. We will help design and install your blinds and curtains to create the most beautiful window décor in your home or business. Blinds and curtains aren’t only great for décor, they also help add privacy to a room. Our installation and design teams are some of the best in the Sydney area. We have the skills and experience to give you the best service possible. 

Blinds and curtains can also help maximise your home's energy efficiency! We carry all types of blinds including Roman blinds, Honeycomb blinds, Sunscreen blinds, Blackout blinds, etc. For curtains, we have a large selection of colors, textures, styles, and patterns to choose from. 


At Blinds in Style, we also offer awning and shutter installations to the businesses and residents of Balmain! In addition to improving the appearance of your home, shutters and awnings offer come with many other benefits. Awnings are great for energy efficiency because they help to reduce sunlight and glares on warm days. They also allow you to be able to sit in your outdoor patio area even if there is some rain coming down. Shutters help to provide an extra barrier of protection during inclement weather. 

If you work with Blinds in Style you can choose from our selection of awnings that include: Canopy awnings, Folding Arm Awnings, Roof awnings, or Traditional awnings. All of our awnings come in a large selection of colors, fabrics, and patterns to choose from. For shutters, we have experience installing the perfect shutters for all window shapes. We have installed a bay arched, cathedral, skylight, round shutter, and more! The team at Blinds in Style specialises in personalised service ensuring all our customers get exactly what they are looking for no matter how unique! 


Motorised Blinds are extremely convenient and every home has to have them! Our motorisation feature allows you to control your window coverings with an easy click of a button either on your phone or on a separate remote. This feature is great for homes with pets or children as it allows you to eliminate dangling cords to make your home safer. Motorisation is also ideal for hard-to-reach windows or if anyone in your home has mobility issues. 

Motorised blinds are also amazing for saving energy in your home. The motorisation feature allows you to program the exact time you’d like your blinds to open and close throughout the day. So even if you’re not home, you can have your blinds close during the hottest hours of the day to deflect the sunlight and heat away from your home. Our motorisation systems can be set up on your smartphone so you have all the control right from your device.


Turn to Blinds in Style if you’re in need of blind, curtain, awning, or shutter repairs! If your blind cords, chains, or slats are broken or any other part of your blind is damaged we can assist in repairing or replacing it! We carry an array of spare parts that you can purchase through our website or we can fix the blinds for you! 


Whether your window covering installation project is big or small, we can get the job done! Our installation and design teams work hard to make sure our customers have the best experience with us! Check out the rest of our website for more details about each of the services we offer and contact us with any questions you may have! Give us a call at 1300-739-999 or fill out a contact form below!