Canopy Awnings

Cover your outdoor walkways, windows or doors, with these fixed awnings available in a variety of shapes and materials. Complement an exterior design or make a statement for either a private residence or business. Canopy awnings are easy to maintain and are the most enduring awning option for the changing effects of the weather providing long term sun protection and water resistance all year round.

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Blinds in Style will consult with you on materials and structural design which best suits your design and shelter requirements


Blinds in Style offer Canopy Awnings in a selection of water resistant and shading materials across a variety of colour schemes for outdoor usage to match your style and shelter needs

Canopy Awnings are available in curved or angular designs and our design consultants can suggest the best option for your window or space requirements


Canopy Awnings are available in fixed or retractable options

Operating retractable awnings varies from simple crank and gear or effortless motorised options

We also offer motorisation using either battery or electric power with the option for app control allowing you to control your awnings from anywhere.


Our design consultants can suggest a variety of finishes to ensure a sophisticated and quality look for your awnings which also matches your surroundings.

For commercial premises requiring signage please consult with our experts.


  • protect from harmful UV rays
  • provide energy efficiency
  • sunlight control
  • large selection of colours and fabrics
  • available in block out and light filtering materials
  • easy to operate retractable versions
  • motorised operating options available
  • selection of trims and bottom rails
  • optional pelmets or head boxes

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