What Are The Best Window Coverings For Sliding Glass Doors?

Sliding glass doors help you appreciate your surrounding and provide enough sunlight to illuminate your house. The tricky part is getting the best window coverings for them because of their large size and horizontal sliding.

Let’s discuss some of the best window coverings available in the market for sliding glass doors.

Vertical cellular shades

If you want to be in control of the temperature in the room, then the vertical cellular shades will help you out. They are the honeycomb-shaped fabric that creates air pockets that insulate the windows.  Vertical cellular shades are similar to the ordinary cellular shades for standard windows; the only difference is that the pleat runs up and down instead of side to side.

If you have a patio door, the vertical cellular shade will also give you a clear view. The pleated fabric collapses a few inches at the side of the window, but your designer can help you customize to your taste.

To open the shades, push a button on the side rail and slide side to side. You also have the freedom to choose what direction you want the shades to open to. And with numerous colors and fabric options, you cannot go wrong.

Sliding panel

Sliding panels are also known as panel track blinds and look really great on sliding glass doors. They are easy to operate, give your home a sleek style and look and offer you several fabric options to choose from. 

Sliding panels are made with flat vertical panels of fabric on tracks, and that allows them to slide easily to cover or uncover the window.

Curtains and draperies

Custom curtains draperies will fit into your style if you prefer the classic rather than special features and functionality. The curtain will add softness, and you can camouflage the sliding door if you would rather not display it.

There are hundreds of prints and patterns to choose from and multiple colors that will fit your existing décor perfectly. If you fancy light or heat control, you may add a thermal lining to the sliding glass door curtains.

Sliding shutter panels

Sliding shutter panels give your sliding glass doors a classic style. The shutter covers the door with two large shutter panels that will slide back and forth. You have to note however that half of the door will be covered at all times in the traditional configuration. You can also tilt the louvers for light control, and of course, the larger the louvers, the clearer your view.

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