Tips for Choosing the Perfect Shutters For Your Home

When it comes down to the details of getting your home to its maximum curb appeal, it’s time to think about shutters. Beautiful and functional, a lovely set of shutters will make your home look polished and complete while giving the household a bit more privacy. 

If you want to add an extra level of design to your home through your windows, we’ve got you covered with some of the best tips for choosing the perfect shutters for your home. 


To start picking your shutters, have a look at the different shapes and silhouettes available. Of course, the profile you choose will depend on your personal taste and the style of your home. Here are the four main types of shutter shapes. 

  • Louver. Louvered shutters, like louvered windows, feature horizontal slats that can be angled to let light or air in (or keep them out). They’re versatile, attractive, and a bit more unexpected than traditional shutters. They pair well with Victorian-style homes. 
  • Bahama/Bermuda. These shutters are typical in coastal or tropical homes. They are attached to the window at the top with a hinge and can be extended by pushing the bottom away from the house. These shutters allow air to enter while protecting the interior from rain. 
  • Board and Batten. Board and batten is the oldest style of window shutters. Each shutter is constructed like a gate or fence, with several vertical slats connected to two or three horizontal or diagonal boards. Each shutter is attached to the side of the window. Because of its older style, board and batten shutters look ideal on country homes with a rustic aesthetic. 
  • Raised Panel. Raised panel shutters provide a sleeker traditional look, with each shutter featuring single or double raised panels. They resemble kitchen cabinets or doors and look great in older Victorian, Colonial, or Ranch homes. 


Now you need to think about the material of your shutters. 

  • Wooden shutters look traditional and authentic and match any home exterior. There are various wood species to choose from, so don’t worry about your shutters looking too plain. 
  • Composite shutters are much more durable than natural wood. As a result, they’re great for homes in locations with severe weather or high humidity. 
  • Vinyl shutters are a growing choice for homeowners, thanks to their durability, versatility, and affordability. In addition, they’re simple to install and are very easy to clean. 


Is your home a rustic country cottage or a sprawling estate? The style you choose should mix well with your current aesthetic and provide the final touch to your look. Ultimately, your preferences will make the last call for the style of your home. Choose from arched or straight shutters to complete your home. 


Choosing a color for your shutters should not be too difficult. You’ll either want to match your current exterior color scheme or go for a color that contrasts with it. Bright colors will look more stylistic and bring attention to your design, while muted neutrals or perfectly matching shades add luxury and elegance. 

Shutter Installations in Sydney, NSW

If you’ve found the perfect shutters for your home and are ready to have them installed, let the pros at Blinds in Style help. As the experts in shutters and window treatments, we’ll help you design and install the windows you’ve been dreaming of. Give us a call today at 1300-739-999.

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