Sustainable and Environmentally Protected Window Coverings

With the current environmental situation of our planet, people are becoming more aware and looking for more ways to become environmentally friendly in their everyday lives. Various concepts like recycling and the use of sustainable products are becoming vital and window coverings are no exception. At Blinds in Style, we make sure our products are high quality, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and help protect from harsh weather conditions. It’s important to have window coverings with these features as this will help them work better, keep their great quality, last longer, and of course, help our planet! Continue reading for some insight into sustainable window coverings and how they are made to beat harsh weather conditions. 

What Makes Our Window Coverings Sustainable?

All of the window coverings at Blinds in Style are incredibly sustainable as we only get from the best manufacturers! Our window coverings are made with some amazing sustainable materials such as Faux Wood, Roller Shades, Woven Wood Shades, and more! Weinor Australia is one of our awning manufacturers and they always make it very clear how their awnings are so sustainable. The powder coating used on their awnings is chrome-free and meets the highest standards for water treatment. 

Environmental Sustainability Window Coverings

We prioritise environmental sustainability for all of our products. We offer sun protection window coverings for patios and windows. These products can prevent rooms from overheating. This will save on cooling energy in homes and commercial buildings which therefore reduces carbon emissions into the atmosphere

Weinor’s Modern Basics Blue collection is new and has the most sustainable awning fabric. It uses around 60% less energy production thanks to the recycling of disposable bottles. This collection is made out of 85% recycled material. This also causes about 45% fewer CO2 emissions than the production of other fabrics. 

Factors To Consider When Picking Out an Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Window Covering

When choosing a window covering that’s eco-friendly there are various factors to look for. If you’re considering new window coverings for your home or business, here are some characteristics that are a must, and luckily at Blinds in Style we have it all! 

Energy Efficiency - This is the main factor that makes all of our window coverings eco-friendly. By not having energy-efficient window coverings, your home or businesses cooling and heating can easily be lost through the windows. Our window coverings offer insulation and shields the interiors against excessive heat during the summer and heat loss during the winter. 

Quality - By choosing high-quality products you are ensuring that they’ll last longer than products that are not as high-quality. As mentioned above, Blinds in Style has only the highest quality products! 

Sustainability - Choose window coverings that are both durable and environmentally friendly! The experts at Blinds in Style will assist you in getting the most durable products in our Showroom. 

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If you’re looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly window coverings, Blinds in Style are the ones to choose from! As mentioned above, we use all the best materials to make sure our window coverings are durable, high-quality, eco-friendly, etc. Visit our Showroom in Hurlstone Park or contact us with any specific questions you may have! You can give us a call at 1300-739-999 or fill out a contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.