Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Window Coverings

Window coverings are an object that we use daily but seldom pay attention to. They are responsible for protecting us from unwanted attention and closure, and mostly have a lifespan of 7-8 years. However, some window coverings serve their purpose for more than a decade without contracting any wear or tear, or needing any replacement or repair.

If the same is the case with you, here are some significant signs for you to notice if your window coverings require any repair or replacement for optimum working. 

Bent or Warped Slats

If your slats are warped or bent, they are due to heat and humidity damage. These issues can keep your window coverings from raising or opening up efficiently. If only a couple of slats are warped, they may be replaced, but if all the blinds are getting out of shape, it is better to replace the whole covering. 

Difficulty in Raising Blinds

If the blinds are difficult or impossible to rise, they might have a severe problem with their lifting mechanism. Such blinds are extremely dangerous as they can fall off with tremendous pressure anytime, hurting any of your family members. 

Discoloration of Slats

With time most blinds experience discoloration or yellowish color due to fading from the sun. However, newer options provide more UV protection and hence no discoloration. Your blinds require a complete replacement if they are losing their color and are deteriorating. 

Frayed Cords 

Frayed cords are an ultimate sign that your blinds have experienced the most wear and tear till now, and the internal mechanism has caused significant damage to the cord. In these cases, the cords of your blinds have become useless and are in danger of falling off anytime. 

Difficulty in Closing Blinds Tightly

If you experience difficulty tightly closing the slats, the tilt mechanism of the blinds has probably worn out and requires a whole recording of the blinds. Instead of getting the recording done, it is better to replace your blinds overall. 

Frayed Edges of Fabric Shades

If the edges of your cellular, solar, roller and roman shades have frayed, your shads are much more comprehensive than your windows and scraping along the frame. In this case, also, it is best to replace them as they will face more damage by the tight fit and could even scrape your window frames. 

Exposed Cords of Blinds

Exposed cords of blind are a strangulation hazard for kids and pets in your home. Such blinds should be upgraded with safer options like curtains, shutters, cellular shades, and cordless roller shades.  

Window Covering Installation in Sydney

Many signs indicate that you need to replace your window coverings if you are facing any such sign and are looking for professional expertise to replace your window coverings, contact Blinds in Style for the best variety and services in the town. 1300 739 999