Interior Shutters FAQ

Interior shutters are the most popularly growing window treatment style mainly due to the durability and style quotient they provide to your house. They are becoming so popular has also made people curious and intrigued about their value and purpose. Here are all the basic FAQs regarding interior shutters that you would want to know: 

What are Interior Shutters?

The shutter is window coverings made of wood and faux wood consisting of a hard rigid frame with tilt-able louvers that are horizontal. Unlike blinds, shutters can be swung open for a better view; however, both have slats that close and tilt open for light control and privacy. 

Shutters are a more durable option than blinds because they are fixed in the windows and have no strings or cords. 

Are Shutters Still Considered Stylish?

Shutters will always be considered stylish because of their ability to accommodate any design and décor style. They can be traditional, modern-stylish, classic, and trendy in various colors and designs. If you have a modern home, opt for a black color for a sleek look; even large slats can enhance your window look. 

If you have a classic or historic look to your house, you can go for a frame-style interior shutter that will compliment its crown molding. 

How durable are Interior Shutters? 

Interior shutters are the most durable and sustainable window treatment, as once installed, they can serve a lifetime due to their permanent fixture. Shutters add value to your house when and if you sell it due to their permanent fixture design.

Shutters can last for more than one to two decades, depending on how often and nicely they are treated. Faux wood and solid wood shutters are the most economical and durable options available in the market. 

Can Shutters Provide Energy Efficiency? 

Shutters can effectively help you save your energy cost because they can efficiently insulate windows and reduce heat transfers. Faux wood shutters are the most insulating option, while natural wood shutters are insulating and more durable. 

Can Shutters Reduce Noise?

Shutters can effectively lower noise but can't completely block off sounds like traffic. They can still, however, quite a room completely when fully shut. While if your room offers echo, it will be enhanced when the sound waves bounce off the shutters' hard surface. 

How Are Shutters Installed? 

Although shutters are pretty easy to install, they take a bit longer than the average blinds. They can be installed in two ways, inside mounted when installed within the frame of the window and outside mounted when framed on the outside wall of the window. A panel is attached to the frame through the hinges for shutters so the window can swing open and close. Some shutters even allow a panel mounted directly to the window frame without an additional window frame. 


Interior shutters are the most durable and stylish option today for window coverings. However, one should always go for a professional installer when installing interior shutters at home to avoid any inconvenience. 

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