How to Dress a Bay Window With Blinds and Curtains

Homeowners with bay windows love the extra light this architectural feature brings into a home. But figuring out what to do with a bay window can be challenging. When it comes to décor, a bay window needs décor that will set off this unique feature without interfering too much with the light it lets in. See how the experts at Blinds in Style can help you transform your home with updated window coverings!

What's A Bay Window? 

A bay window is a popular home feature in certain styles of homes because it allows more light into the home. Bay windows are created by adding multiple glazed frames angled at right angles to create a bump out from the side of the home. They are typically put in the front of the home, but they can be in the back of the home. Because of the unique shape and size of a bay window dressing, it can be tough. Decorators most often recommend these window treatments for bay windows:

Full-Length Curtains

Classic full-length curtains always stay in style. Hanging long curtains in a bay window will frame the space and make it more of a focal point. Choosing thermal or light-blocking curtains will also help block hot or cold air from the bay window. If the home is older and the windows let in a lot of outside air, thermal curtains can help with energy efficiency and create a beautiful effect. 

Wood Shutters

Like plantation-style shutters, wood shutters give the space a more architectural and deliberate feel. They frame the window without overwhelming it. And because wooden shutters can be painted, they are a fun way to add a pop of color to the room. Slatted shutters can give the space a coastal feel. More ornate carved shutters can evoke the feeling of a classic Victorian. Wood shutters are a great way to define the space and add a design theme. 

Roman Shades

Roman shades are beautiful, elegant, and practical. Hanging Roman shades will introduce color and texture into the space without adding bulk. Sleek Roman shades effectively control the light the windows let in so the space doesn't become too warm when the sun is directly on the windows. And they can be closed for privacy at night. For smaller bay windows, Roman shades are usually the best choice. Expansive bay windows can handle the visual weight of wooden shutters or heavy curtains, but smaller ones need a less bulky décor option. 

Get The Right Window Treatments For Your Bay Window

Are you still trying to determine the best option for your bay window? Talk to one of our experts at Blinds in Style to learn more about dressing a bay window and how to transform your Australian home or office!