How To Clean Window Coverings

There is nothing like looking out a crystal-clear glass window on a beautiful sunny day. However, if the curtains, blinds, or shutters around that window are dirty and dusty, it makes the view a little less enjoyable. 

Cleaning your window coverings may be a lot easier than you think. It is likely that you already have all the cleaning materials you need to clean your window coverings. By regularly cleaning your window coverings you’ll always have a beautiful, clean view when looking out your windows and it’ll also help your window coverings last longer. 

Here are some tips to easily clean your blinds, curtains, and shutters so that they are always looking beautiful, clean, and fresh.  

Cleaning Blinds

Window blinds are popular, functional, and a beautiful window covering. Blinds are made up of slats of wood, plastic, or metal that are held in place by cords, tapes, or yarns and ribbons. Blinds can be installed inside or outside of the frame. Here are a few easy ways to clean your blinds:

  • Vacuum. Vacuum your blinds regularly with your vacuum brush attachment. To make sure you get every inch of your blinds, close the adjustable slats. Regularly vacuuming will help keep dust and dirt from building up on your blinds. 
  • Use a sponge. Unless you have a motorisation attachment to your blind, you most likely have fingerprints all over your blinds. Use a sponge to simply clean and remove fingerprints or any other dirt on your blinds. 
  • Soak in water. When it’s time to give your blinds a thorough cleaning it’s suggested to immerse your blinds in water and let them soak. This will remove most dust, dirt, and debris that have built up on your blinds. 

Cleaning Curtains

When it comes to curtains it’s important to read the labels attached to them and follow the instructions for cleaning. If for some reason your curtains don’t have a label or you may have cut it off, here are a few curtain cleaning tips to follow:

  • Vacuum. Vacuum your curtains with the brush attachment similarly to how you would with blinds. Regularly vacuuming over your curtain panels will get rid of dust and any other debris that sits on your curtains. 
  • Hand wash, dry-clean, or machine wash. Remove the curtains from their clips and either wash them by hand, send them to the dry-cleaners, or wash them in your washing machine. Depending on what type of curtain you have you won’t always be able to send them to the dry-cleaners or put them in the washing machine so it’s important to do your research for the type of curtains you have. It’s possible for mold to grow on curtains since they are attached to the window and exposed to outside moisture. Giving them a good wash twice a year is recommended. 

Cleaning Shutters 

When cleaning shutters it’s important to keep in mind the type of shutters you have. Shutters are cleaned differently based on whether they’re painted, stained, or wooden shutters. Here are some tips to follow when cleaning shutters:

  • Vacuum. As you can see, vacuuming is something you can do for all window coverings. Just like blinds and curtains, shutters can also benefit from regular vacuum cleaning to remove the dust and debris. 
  • Soap and water for painted shutters. If your shutters are painted, use warm soapy water and a cloth to wash them. Make sure to wash both sides of the shutter. While waxing is not recommended for painted shutters if you feel like you must wax them, use a hard paste wax only once a year. 
  • A damp cloth for wooden shutters. It’s important to not use too much water when cleaning wooden shutters. Too much water will wear out the wood and make it less attractive. When you are done cleaning, use a dry soft cloth to wipe the shutters so no water marks are left behind. 

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