How Do Blinds Differ From Shutters?


We have outlined a few simple and important differences to consider when choosing whether shutters or blinds are the best option for your needs.

The team at Blinds in Style stand by their reputation as Sydney’s leading experts in the design and installation of blinds; timber or PVC plantation shutters; curtains and awnings. We specialise in made to measure solutions to satisfy your individual tastes and aim to provide the best outcomes for your home or commercial premises.

In this edition we guide you through some of the main differences between blinds and shutters to help you find the best fit; ideal style and comfort level. These considerations will not only improve the look of your interiors or exteriors but often provide a great investment and good value for your requirements. Which window covering products offer the best advantages for your home’s design? How can your décor preferences be improved? Is managing light or privacy your aim? Here are some of the more popular advantages of blinds and shutters to help make your decision easier.
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Our top 3 reasons for choosing plantation shutters. 

Shutters can be installed both inside or outside. If you’re looking for a sturdier window covering that comes made to measure for even the most challenging spaces, shutters may be the best choice for you

Longevity and easy-care

Whether you choose timber or PVC/polyurethane shutters for indoors or aluminium shutters for outdoor spaces they are durable, and with proper care, a long term solution. Shutters are also less likely to need replacing as often and cleaning is simple.

Amazing Heat Insulation 

Being made of a denser material means shutters offer greater heat insulation and help block out more light into interiors, particularly if they are fitted correctly, 


Window shapes you thought were a challenge such as bay windows; arched windows; round windows or constructed in a combination of shapes can be dressed with customised shutters. You can even customise their design to be unique and distinctive to your home.


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3 keys factors when considering blinds

Blinds are available in a large variety of options and a wide range of colours and designs. From simple and sophisticated roller blinds; convenient vertical and venetian blinds, to traditional and elegant roman blinds. Blinds can easily blend with your interiors or become a decorative statement of their own. They are practical and good value for money while also enhancing the comfort levels of your interiors. 

Diverse options

Blinds are often the most affordable window coverings although price will vary depending on the type of blind. Regardless of your choice, blinds provide great value and due to their broad range can suit a wide and varied amount of interior styles and spaces. There is also the option to automate your blinds at a reasonable cost.

Good hot and cold Insulation

Blinds provide great protection from the heat of the sun allowing interiors to stay cooler when its hot outside and maintain indoor warmth during the winter months, Blinds help promote greater energy efficiencies and also assist in lowering energy consumption.

Flexible Light Control

Blinds are fantastic for managing and varying the amount of light that enters your home and they also help reduce glare. By filtering the light that enters through your windows they can also help protect your furnishings from the effects of UV radiation. 

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