Honeycomb Shades vs. Roman Shades

Having a home is not enough, but a beautiful home is. But making your home attractive requires some effort. From the choice of curtains, furniture, and even floor designs, you will have to take your time to make the right choices. This is the struggle you may encounter when deciding how best to dress your windows. 

You may have to choose from a wide variety, from extravagant draperies to minimalist blinds. Whatever your choice, you dress your window without filling your space. Want to stay trendy or traditional without sacrificing ventilation? Below is a comparison of two of the most common kinds of shades homeowners can choose from.

Honeycombs or Roman Shades?

Honeycomb shades are cellular window shades folded into numerous honeycomb-like cells. They are trendy and come in different kinds of fabric.

Benefits include the following.

  • Thermal insulation

Its design prevents heat during cold months up to 40%. It also lowers solar gain up to 80% during the hotter months. 

  • Light obstruction

It is designed with light-obstructing materials to enable you to control how much light enters your room.

  • Privacy feature

It comes with a design that gives you control over the privacy of your home.

Disadvantages of the honeycomb shades are:

  • Tilting vanes is impossible with honeycomb shades.

  • The requirement that they are kept close makes them a less versatile option for window treatment.

  • They may be popular, but they are not the most sophisticated option available to homeowners. 

On the other hand, Roman shades are made of fabrics that fold to the top when you draw them open. They are available in two designs; the contemporary design, the teardrop design, and the traditional design, the classic flat design. Roman shades are a more sophisticated choice for homeowners.

Benefits include :

  • They have such a unique style that they work with even the trendiest interiors.

  • They are very functional and VERSATILE since they come in numerous patterns and fabric styles.

  • They blend well with other interior DESIGN elements of your home. 

Disadvantages, however, include the following:

  • Light penetration may be effectively reduced with traditional roman shades.

  • Although there are cordless roman shades, some come with a series of cords that can be hazardous for children.

  • Light filtration is made tough with the one-piece design they come with. This one-piece design also reduces versatility.

Your choice as a homeowner will largely depend on what you wish to control. More light and less privacy or control of light penetration and privacy will inform your choice as a homeowner. Either way, each comes with its benefits and drawbacks. 

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