Can I Layer Window Coverings?

Every home has windows, but not every window covering is equal. While window coverings may seem like a small piece of the home puzzle, there are many options to consider. There are many options homeowners don't even consider because they don't know of them or can't determine if they will work together. Window covers serve a dual purpose in providing a distinct look to the home while providing the shade and covering you desire.

A Layered Look

One popular option for windows is layering blinds and curtains together. A layered look can add style to the windows and accentuate the room. When doing this, it is crucial to make sure the colors of the blinds and curtains go well together. They must also clash against the color of the items in the room, walls, or carpet. Wood or composite blinds let some light in while still covering the windows. Shades can help keep the light out while helping to maintain the colors of the room.

Curtains and Blinds

Blinds and curtains are two options that may seem similar but are each unique. They both provide a layer or privacy while also offering plenty of room for customization. Blinds and Curtains can even be used together on the same window. This combination can add a double covering over the window, and mix and matching colors can help set the tone in the room. It is important to ensure the colors of the blinds, curtains, and room match well together. Lighter-colored blinds can be used to allow more light in during the day if wanted while still maintaining an extra layer of privacy with the curtains.

Mix and Match

While it may seem like a mistake, mixing and matching different kinds of blinds and curtains in the same room can work. One window may require more coverage from the sun with both blinds and curtains or while another only needs blinds. Mixing and matching within a single space can add to the creativity of the room and create a more personal look. There are many mix and match options, which may include combinations of various curtains, wood blinds, valances, roller shades, and drapes. 

How To Choose

When choosing the final design for the window coverings, it is best to first decide the purpose of the coverings. Once this has been determined, choices can be made based on reason. After this, colors should be carefully chosen to enhance the design and prevent unsightly clashing. To help with designing your window layering treatment and get advice on the best choices for every window, contact Blinds in Style. Blinds in Style professionals have experience and an eye for style that can enhance your home. Schedule an appointment with a design consultant today for an inspired window design in your home. 1300-739-999