Best Window Coverings To Keep the Heat Out

No one wants to run their air conditioning constantly – the cooling bill could quickly get out of hand. Instead of relying solely on your air conditioning to get the job done, there are a few ways to lend a helping hand. One of the most effective ways is to ensure that your windows are covered by heat preventing window coverings. There is no reason for you to continue paying those high energy bills when there is an alternative option for you to decrease your air conditioner usage. 

Cellular Blinds

Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, have a hexagonal shape that aids in preventing heat from entering your home. In fact, cellular shades can reduce heat by as much as 80%. These shades come in various opacities and colors and offer excellent light control. Cellular shades are a fantastic option if you seek shades that truly insulate a home from heat. 

Roman Shades

Roman shades are classic and popular because of the customization options. The shades are made of fabric, so there are various choices to be made in a roman shade installation. Variety is also present in the specifics of a roman shade, as some might roll while others fold. These shades can also be motorized, should you desire the ability to adjust them from the comfort of your bed. Roman shades excel in light control and insulation, so they make a superb choice when you want to keep the heat out. 

Solar Shades

Rather than completely blocking sunlight, solar shades diffuse it. Some light passes through the shade, but it does so without a glare. Diffusing the light allows for some shade and keeps the heat out. These shades can be used inside or outside and are great for allowing a breeze to pass through. Consider solar shades if you want a streamlined shade that helps to keep your home cool.  

Heat Blockers

A combination of horizontal blinds and tightly woven fabric curtains are fantastic for heat blocking. The horizontal slats can prevent any light from entering or tilted at an angle to allow diffused light in. Adding some light-colored drapes to your horizontal blinds is a great way to keep the interior of your home at the desired temperature. 

Although dark colors can keep the room darker, the way it attracts heat does harsh things to your energy bill. Instead, stick with custom-fit blinds and a lighter shade of curtains with the appropriate fit for sound insulation. The best insulation occurs when curtains are hung close to the window so that little air can build up in the open space. 

Choose Blinds in Style in Sydney

While each option offers something a little different in appearance and features, Blinds in Style can help you determine the best course of action for your windows. Keeping the heat outside is ideal in conserving energy, lowering your energy bill, and getting the look you want for your home. Contact us for the best window covering advice, installation, and repair! Give us a call at 1300 739 999.