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How to Measure Your Window

We will make blinds for you according to the measurements you give us. You will need pen and paper, a steel measuring tape, and for the very high measurements, a step ladder. We’ve set out some guidelines below for you to follow carefully.

  • You will need a steel tape measure to get the most precise measurements as cloth or plastic tape measures are too inaccurate.
  • First of all, choose whether you want your blinds inside the window frame, or outside it.
  • Take the measurement to the nearest millimetre (mm), and just in case the window is not exactly square, check the measurement in various places.
  • Measure the width first and write it down straight away, remembering to note beside the number that it is the width.
  • Next, measure the height and write it down straight away, remembering to note beside the number that it is the length.
  • Measurements can be easily mixed up, so it is vital to always note them this way W × H (width first, followed by the height).
  • If you think deductions may be needed, please don’t make these yourself, as the factory will allow for these.
  • If you are measuring for an inside mount, it is essential to measure the exact window opening size.
  • Remember one very important thing when measuring for an inside mount: all allowances to make it fit that opening will be done by our factory.
  • Please double check each measurement.

Recessed (inside mount)
If you’d like a more elegant, finished appearance for your window treatments, we suggest an inside mount. For this, we need window opening measurements from you. Experts at our factory will ensure smooth operation of the blinds by providing enough allowance so they do not rub against the window frame.
Here’s what to do next:

  • In three places, measure the exact width of the window. Write down the narrowest measurement.
  • In three places, measure the exact height of the window. Write down the shortest height measurement.
  • The space from the window’s outer edge to the back of the window (or obstructions such as handles).

Face fix (outside mount)
Outside mounts are most often used for light blockage and privacy. They are a great disguise for ugly windows and since the coverings hang outside the frame they cleverly give the illusion of having larger windows.

  • Measure the normal width to the full extent of the architrave.
  • If you have no architraves just add 100mm to each side, and you can add extra length to the height measurement if the blind is not to the floor.
  • No deduction allowances are necessary for outside mount blinds. We will make them exactly to the specifications of width and height that you provide.

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