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Drop Awnings
& Traditional Awnings

There are various styles of drop awning systems that can be used for verandas, windows, porches, balconies, pergolas and restaurant forecourts. These modern design enhance any building.

The fabric can be protected in an elegant head box when not in use. Just wind it up and hide it away. The reliable operating system easily blends with your existing windows and door frames.

Automatic Awnings:
Auto Guide Awnings, sometimes referred to as lock arm awnings, are an extremely popular. By sliding the arms on the guide rods, the awning can be raised or lowered to any position, giving you maximum light control.

Convertible Awnings
If you find low cost, reliability, practicality and simplicity attractive, then a convertible awning is the product for you. It suits any window application and when partially extended you can still enjoy the view while the awning is doing its job of protecting you from the sun. Just keep extending the awning at your discretion to block out the sun throughout the day.

Straight Drop Awnings
To enjoy the use of your outdoor areas all year round, as well as the view with no physical barrier, consider straight drop awnings. These are often used for enclosing restaurants, outdoor living areas, pergolas, verandas and more, providing sun and wind protection and privacy all year round. These are also available in clear PVC.


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